Loving Like Jesus: Accept One Another

Loving like Jesus means being genuine and sincere in our actions that place God first and others above ourselves.  Because of this truth, the New Testament writers give instructions on how to interact with, care for, uplift, accept, and be in unity with “one another” at least 59 different times. In the weeks leading up […]

Loving Like Jesus: A New Command

Nine times within the gospels is the call to love one another. It is mentioned by three different authors in four different books. And, it is the singular principle upon which all the “one another commands” hinge upon throughout the scriptures. Yet, unlike the previous commands to love our neighbor as ourselves, Jesus says, “A new […]

Loving Like Jesus: Because

“We love because He first loved us,” (1 John 4:19) is one of the most powerful scriptures found in the New Testament.  It describes why Christians, love, live, and do the things that we do.  It is BECAUSE God loved us first.  But, what does this really mean?  And, how can we share this clearly […]

Loving Like Jesus: Includes Love For Our Enemies

Over the past several weeks, Pastor Scott has been sharing a series of sermons on the characteristics, qualities, behaviors, and attributes on “Loving Like Jesus.”  This week, he explores one of the most difficult and uncomfortable subjects that Jesus ever spoke about love. Matthew chapter 5, verse 43 and 44 are his words: You have […]

Loving Like Jesus: Personal, Proven, Perfecting, Preserving

Love is a theme that has permeated culture in diverse ways throughout history. It is in the music we listen to, the books we read, the television shows and movies we watch. It’s discussed in countless seminars, conferences, by shock jocks and television personalities. Sadly, for many people, they go in search of the “perfect […]