Local Missions

Annual Free Yard Sale

Every December, the CWC (Christian Women Connection), holds an indoor yard sale where everything is given away free to needy people within the community.  What is not given away at the yard sale is then donated to Helping Hands Mission so that they may bless others in the Benton/Bryant area.

Hospice Meals

We have partnered with other churches in the Benton/Bryant area to provide free meals at a local hospice facility.  This much needed ministry provides encouragement, comfort and ease to families visiting their loved ones at a very difficult time in their lives.

New Beginnings Pregnancy Resource Center

The congregation, in partnership with the CWC (Christian Women Connection), have helped to serve the many needs of the New Beginning Pregnancy Resource Center here in Benton.  Some of the assistance provided includes: financial, baby blankets, diapers, wipes, and much more.  For more information about New Beginning Pregnancy Resource Center, visit: www.nbpregnancy.com

International Missions

Partners In Missions

Brother Karvin Adams, a former minister at Grape Chapel, started Partners in Missions to help indigenous people become spiritually mature that their churches, with the help of the Holy Spirit, my be self-governing, self-propagating and self-reliant.  His work serves ministries in Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala.  We support his work financially and send work teams down on a frequent basis.  For more information about Partners in Missions, visit: www.partners-in-missions.org

Global Strategy – Church of God Ministries

We support our national ministries effort to connect people globally to spread God’s word.  Global Strategy’s mission is to break down barriers, cross borders, and connect your passion with the hands and feet of Christ in places you could never reach on your own. Strategy, technology, and collaboration that builds bridges instead of walls. For more information about Global Strategy, visit: www.chogglobal.org