We are part of a global movement, moving boldly to reclaim hope in Jesus name.
The Church of God – Jesus Is The Subject!

Listed below are some of the incredible ministries making a difference in the lives of people around the world through Church of God Ministries.  Click each image for specific information, or visit the Church of God Ministries at: www.JesusIsTheSubject.org

Christians Broadcasting Hope serves on behalf of the Church of God, partnering with indigenous ministry centers to produce evangelistic programming around the world in an effort to expand and nurture the Kingdom of God through the use of radio and Internet broadcasts, and other mass media tools. Connecting people globally to spread God’s word.  Our job is to break down barriers, cross borders, and connect your passion with the hands and feet of Christ in places you could never reach on your own. Strategy, technology, and collaboration that builds bridges instead of walls. This is how we accomplish the mission.
Our dream, and we believe God’s dream, is to see youth become Christ-centered disciples who passionately love and obey God and Reach, Disciple, and Empower others. We believe that by working together to reach, disciple, and empower youth, they can be catalysts in seeing God raise up a new generation of Christ-centered disciples. The ministry of the Church of God to the Native American reservations has been a work in progress for many years. It seeks to reach Native Americans in Arizona, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, and Washington State. Faced with unusually high rates of domestic abuse, unemployment, suicide, and hopelessness, these ministries are in great need of support.
Trafficklight is a Church of God Ministries initiative with the mission is to create, promote, and unite groups inside and outside the Church of God which in an effort to end human trafficking around the world. The Church of God Foundation assists individuals, local churches and regional assemblies leave a lasting legacy for ministry by practicing holistic stewardship through service, products, and asset management of their resources.

Immediate response is critical during times of disaster. We see devastating images coming out of each disaster and each involves people with severe needs. Church of God Ministries advances funds during disasters with the anticipation of the gracious outpouring of donations from churches and individuals.

Working with teams from all over the world, we witness how the funds received bring hope to families as they receive food, water, clothing, medical care and shelter to begin to rebuild their lives. Your gifts are needed to navigate every part of the disaster and recovery process.