Grape Chapel seeks to be a Christ-Centered community of believers forming Christ-Centered people that love God and others more each day.  We seek to fulfill this purpose through five specific activities that connects us into the Vine (Jesus):

Grow Through Teaching
Reach Out
Assemble Together
Praise God
Equip for Service

We strive to live this out not just in a service on Sunday or Wednesday; but throughout every facet of our lives since that is the expectation for being a Christ follower.  Some may see this as a difficult transition from more traditional church environments where faith is seen only in a worship experience once or twice a week.

We realize that being connected into the Vine (Jesus) means a life commitment 24/7 for the rest of our lives.  So, the most important things that we could ever do as a church happens when we leave the building in which we worship and go into our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, homes, and through our everyday activities.

We want to encourage you to come be a part of a loving, caring church family that is connected into the Vine, Christ Jesus, at Grape Chapel Church of God.  Where Jesus Is The Subject!