At Splash Canyon Vacation Bible School, your children will dig deep into the scriptures to learn about God’s promises are real and confirmed in Jesus! Kids confidently celebrate that our faithful God is with us on life’s wild ride. He saves us through Jesus and gives us life and hope every day and forever.

The Bible accounts of God’s promises include baby Moses in the Nile River, God healing Naaman in the Jordan, God saving Paul from the sea, and Jesus as he was baptized in the Jordan River. It was through His baptism, life, death, and resurrection, that God promises to save us.

Date & Time:

  • Opening Day is Sunday, June 10th at 10:45am
  • Continues Nightly Through Wednesday, June 13th
  • Dinner begins at 5:30pm
  • Classes & fun at 6:10pm

Registration Information:

Just simply contact our office before the event, or come early on day 1 to register a child.

  • E-mail:
  • Send a Facebook message (
  • Call: 501-794-0563